ExportOperation Class

The export operation.

Namespace: Xafari.Data
Assembly: Xafari.Data (in Xafari.Data.dll)

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public class ExportOperation : IOperation

Public Class ExportOperation
  Implements IOperation
End Class

Name Description
msdn2017/pubmethod ExportOperation(XafApplication) Initializes an instance of the export operation.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubproperty Application A copy of XAF-application.
msdn2017/pubproperty DataSource Data source
msdn2017/pubproperty Settings operation setting.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubmethod Execute() Run the export operation.
msdn2017/pubmethod Execute(DataSet) Run the export operation.
msdn2017/pubmethod Execute(IList) Run the export operation.
msdn2017/pubmethod Execute(Type, string) Run the export operation.
msdn2017/pubmethod Execute(object) Run the export operation.
msdn2017/protmethod OnObjectExported(ITypeInfo, object, IRow) Handler of event On Object Exported
msdn2017/protmethod OnObjectExporting() Handler of event On Object Exporting
msdn2017/protmethod OnOperationFinished() Handler of event on when Operation Finished
msdn2017/protmethod OnOperationStarted() Handler of event OperationStarted
Name Description
msdn2017/pubevent Finished This event occurs when Finished a export operation
msdn2017/pubevent ObjectExported This event occurs before begin after objects
msdn2017/pubevent ObjectExporting This event occurs before begin export objects
msdn2017/pubevent Started This event occurs when you started a operation
Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass ObjectExportedEventArgs Class transmits argumets into event
Exporting XAF-objects to the data source DataSource. Exported types, and that the properties are set in the settings Settings.

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