Xafari.Security.DC Namespace

Assembly: Xafari.Security.DC (in Xafari.Security.DC.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass DCSecurity Obsolete. Security helper class.
msdn2017/pubclass DCXafariSecurityManager Class helps to work with xafari security objects like roles and permissions
msdn2017/pubclass DCXafariSecurityUpdater
msdn2017/pubclass GeneratedTypesPermissionsHelper This class help to create IDCSecuritySystemTypePermissionObject for entity which generated in Xafari.XF module
msdn2017/pubclass ObjectTypeSynchronizeController
msdn2017/pubclass XafSecurityTargetTypeConverter
msdn2017/pubclass XafariSecurityDCModule
Name Description
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemActionOperationPermissionObject Permissions for actions.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemActionOperationPermissionObjectOwner Owner for action permissions.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemMemberPermissionsObject Member permissions object.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemObjectPermissionsObject Perrmissions for object.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemRole Xafari Security role in DC.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemRoleBase Base domain component for roles implementation.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemTypePermissionObject Type permission.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemTypePermissionsObjectBase Base DC to implement type permission.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemTypePermissionsObjectOwner Type permissions owner.
msdn2017/pubinterface IDCSecuritySystemUser Xafari Security user in DC.
msdn2017/pubinterface IPermissionMatrixActionPermissionsOwner Owner of actions permissions matrix.
msdn2017/pubinterface IPermissionMatrixTypePermissionsOwner Type permissions matrix owner.

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