Xafari.Reports Namespace

Assembly: Xafari.Reports (in Xafari.Reports.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass CollectDataSpecificationAttribute Specifies criteria and sorting for collection property of Xafari Reports Data Source.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static Constants
msdn2017/pubclass DataMinerOperationBase Base class for report's data mining operation.
msdn2017/pubclass DataMinerOperationBase<TReportData, TParameters> Base class for report's data mining operation.
msdn2017/pubclass DeployReportsOperation
msdn2017/pubclass DeployReportsOperationImpl
msdn2017/pubclass DeployedReportEventArgs Represents arguments passed to the Deployed event.
msdn2017/pubclass DeployingReportEventArgs Represents arguments passed to the Deploying event.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ReportAttributesHelper Set of static methods to get report attributes values.
msdn2017/pubclass ReportDeployerBase<T> Base class of a Report Deployer.
msdn2017/pubclass ReportDeployment Provides joint information about deployed report templates and available report templates.
msdn2017/pubclass ReportDeploymentCollector Collects ReportDeployment information related to specified assemblies.
msdn2017/pubclass ReportTemplateCollectionSource CollectionSource of XafariReportTemplateBase items, provides AvailabilityCriteria property support.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static SavedReportHelper
msdn2017/pubclass TemplateActionUIItem Intended to display template actions.
msdn2017/pubclass TemplateLicenseInfo For internal use.
msdn2017/pubclass TemplateReportLogic DomainLogic of ITemplateReport
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static TemplatesDeploymentHelper Deploy report templates helper class.
msdn2017/pubclass TypeXafariReport Obsolete. Base class of Xafari Report.
msdn2017/pubclass TypeXafariReport<TDataSource, TParameters, TOperation> Obsolete. Base class to declare Xafari Report.
msdn2017/pubclass Updater
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReport Base class of Xafari Report.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReport<TReportData, TParameters, TOperation> Base class to declare Xafari Report.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReport<TReportData, TParameters> Base class to declare Xafari Report with default Data Mining Operation class.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportBuilderAttribute Specified Xafari Report Builder class which is used by report template.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportBuilderBase The base class for Xafari Report Builders.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportBuilderFeaturesAttribute Specifies features set of a Xafari Report class.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportDataBase Xafari reports data base class.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportDataSource
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportDataSourceBase Obsolete. Xafari reports data source base class.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportException
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static XafariReportExportFormatHelper
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportInfoTypeConverter Type Converter for XafariTypeReportEditor
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportParametersBaseLogic DomainLogic for IReportParameter
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportSerializableException
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportTemplateInfo
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportTypeConverterForDesigner Type converter for XafariReport with design-time support.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportsManager
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportsModule
msdn2017/pubclass XafariTemplateDeployerBase<T> Base class of a Xafari Report Template Deployer.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubinterface IDataMinerOperation Operation interface for data mining report
msdn2017/pubinterface IReportDeployer Declares members of Report Deployer.
msdn2017/pubinterface IReportDeployerProvider Declares members implemented by ModuleBase class descendants to provide collection of IReportDeployer implementors.
msdn2017/pubinterface ITemplateLicenseInfoProvider For internal use.
msdn2017/pubinterface SavedReport Saved report
msdn2017/pubinterface XafariReportParametersBase Domain component Report Parameters
msdn2017/pubinterface XafariReportTemplateBase Domain Component of Xafari Report Template
Name Description
msdn2017/pubdeligate LayoutStreamProvider Provides report layout Stream instance.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubenum ReportStatus
msdn2017/pubenum XafariReportBuilderFeatures Enumerates possible features of Xafari Report Builders.
msdn2017/pubenum XafariReportExportFormat Enumerates possible export file formats of Xafari Report Builders.

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