Xafari.ManagedOperations Namespace

Assembly: Xafari.ManagedOperations (in Xafari.ManagedOperations.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass ClearManagedOperationStorageParameter Non persistent object which help using ClearManagedOperationStoragesHelper
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ClearManagedOperationStoragesHelper This class contains methods to clear managed operations storages
msdn2017/pubclass CustomizeMessageEventArgs Allow to customize managed operations messages.
msdn2017/pubclass DuplicateManagedOperationIdException An exception when running a unique operation if it is performed.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static IOperationManagerHelper Helper for additional control of managed operations.
msdn2017/pubclass InterruptException An exception if the operation is interrupted.
msdn2017/pubclass LogStorage LogStorage class stores information about managed operation.
msdn2017/pubclass MOGetRootStorageStatusFunction
msdn2017/pubclass ManageOperationsViewController Controller for managed operations.
msdn2017/pubclass ManagedOperation Defines class for managed operations.
msdn2017/pubclass ManagedOperationDeleteLogicController
msdn2017/pubclass ManagedOperationItem Defines the base class for managed operations.
msdn2017/pubclass ManagedOperationStorage Storage in which managed operation are stored.
msdn2017/pubclass ManagedOperationWindowController
msdn2017/pubclass OperationManager Represents an auxiliary class used to initializes value managers.
msdn2017/pubclass OperationTraceItem Class for tracing managed operations
msdn2017/pubclass ProcessSelectedOperationTraceItemListLogicController Controller for processing selected OperationTraceItem's.
msdn2017/pubclass RuntimeOperationManager Represents an auxiliary class used to initializes RuntimeOperationManager.
msdn2017/pubclass ShowLogViewController Contains ShowLog action which is located on ManagedOperationStorage's detail view.
msdn2017/pubclass StopAutoRefreshLogicController
msdn2017/pubclass SubprocessListLogicController
msdn2017/pubclass SyncManagedOperationDialogController Base controller for sync operations managing.
msdn2017/pubclass SyncManagedOperationHelper Helper for sync managed operations.
msdn2017/pubclass TraceItem To display information about the progress of managed operations.
msdn2017/pubclass Updater
msdn2017/pubclass XafariManagedOperationsModule
Name Description
msdn2017/pubinterface IManagedOperation Exposes methods and properties for managed operations.
msdn2017/pubinterface IManagedOperationProvider Provides access to managed operations.
msdn2017/pubinterface IObjectSpaceHolder
msdn2017/pubinterface IOperationManager Declares members for managed operation control.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubenum InternalManagedOperationStatus Managed operation internal status.
msdn2017/pubenum ManagedOperationRuntimeStatus Managed operation runtime status.
msdn2017/pubenum ManagedOperationStatus List of managed operation's statuses.
msdn2017/pubenum ManagedOperationZoneTypes List of managed operation's zone types.
msdn2017/pubenum TraceMessageTypes Type of message about operation.
msdn2017/pubenum TracingStrategy Logging strategy determines possible methods of tracing.

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