Xafari.BC Namespace

Assembly: Xafari (in Xafari.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass AggregatedToAttribute
msdn2017/pubclass AliveTypeAttribute Apply this attribute to class or interface to indicates about alive type.
msdn2017/pubclass ApplicationModelLoader
msdn2017/pubclass BCUpdater
msdn2017/pubclass BOCategoryAttribute
msdn2017/pubclass BusinessModel
msdn2017/pubclass CollectObjectSpaceFactoriesEventArgs Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubclass ContextPropertyAttribute Indicates that a property is the context property.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ContextTypeMatchModeExtensions
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ContextViewTypeExtensions
msdn2017/pubclass CurrentStateChangedEventArgs Object state changed event args.
msdn2017/pubclass CustomGetObjectsQueryEventArgs Event arguments for CustomGetObjectsQuery and CustomGetObjectsQuery.
msdn2017/pubclass CustomizeCollectionSourceEventArgs Event arguments for CustomizeCollectionSource and CustomizeCollectionSource.
msdn2017/pubclass CustomizeDataAccessEventArgs Event arguments for CustomizeDataAccess and CustomizeDataAccess.
msdn2017/pubclass CustomizeSelectDataEventArgs Event arguments for CustomizeDataAccess and CustomizeDataAccess in SelectData<TEntity> and in SelectDataAsync<TEntity> methods.
msdn2017/pubclass DataAccessorService Provides alternative members for data access.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ICodeSupportExtension
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static INameSupportExtension
msdn2017/pubclass ModelLoaderBase
msdn2017/pubclass ModelManager
msdn2017/pubclass NullableColorConverter
msdn2017/pubclass OriginalTypeAttribute Apply this attribute to class or interface to indicates about origianl type.
msdn2017/pubclass OwnerAttribute Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubclass Project Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ProxyCollectionExtension
msdn2017/pubclass RegisterEntity<TEntity> Helper class for XF Entity registration
msdn2017/pubclass StatusHelper Реализует методы работы со статусами объектов.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static StringExtension
msdn2017/pubclass TermAttribute
msdn2017/pubclass TermOwnerAttribute Specifies a property that have owner object. For example, aggregated objects have any owner object.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariBCModule
msdn2017/pubclass XafariCloner
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static XafariConstants
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static XafariExtensions
msdn2017/pubclass XafariModuleBase Base module class to use Xafari Framework Business components.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariModuleUpdater Xafari module updater. Provides Xafari services safe work in update database operation.

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