Xafari.BC.Tasks Namespace

Assembly: Xafari.BC.Tasks (in Xafari.BC.Tasks.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass ActionExecutor<T> Base task executor. Describes common structure for tasks executors.
msdn2017/pubclass CompletingOperation Allow to complete task with permissions checking and validation.
msdn2017/pubclass CustomFunctionCheckUserIsAdmin Check if current user is administrator.
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static Extensions
msdn2017/pubclass RolesParticipantsTermAttribute Specify attribute for roles in IUserParticipant
msdn2017/pubclass TaskAdditionalRule
msdn2017/pubclass TaskAvailableForCurrentUserOperator Custom function that check current user permissions for current task.
msdn2017/pubclass TaskCheckNotesRule Allow to check if current task has not eliminated notes.
msdn2017/pubclass TaskCheckPermissionsRule Allow to check user permissions for current task.
msdn2017/pubclass TaskRequiredActionsRule
msdn2017/pubclass TaskRequiredRequisitesRule
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static TasksExtensions Extensions.
msdn2017/pubclass TasksManager Base service that allow to manage all Tasks functions.
msdn2017/pubclass UsersParticipantsTermAttribute Specify attribute for users in IRoleParticipant
msdn2017/pubclass XafariBCTasksModule
Name Description
msdn2017/pubenum ExecutorType Lists the values used to specify the type of workflow task executor
msdn2017/pubenum TaskStates Lists the values used to specify the states of workflow tasks.

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