Xafari.Reports.Xaf Namespace

Assembly: Xafari.Reports.Xaf (in Xafari.Reports.Xaf.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static ReportDataExtensions
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static TemplateDeployment Deploy report templates helper class.
msdn2017/pubclass TypedReportData Obsolete. Contains metadata report
msdn2017/pubclass TypedXafReport Obsolete. Represents the visual form designer reports
msdn2017/pubclass Updater
msdn2017/pubclass XafReportDeployer Intended to deploy DevExpress XAF Reports.
msdn2017/pubclass XafReportDeployerV2 Intended to deploy DevExpress XAF Reports V2.
msdn2017/pubclass XafXafariReportBuilder
msdn2017/pubclass XafXafariReportTemplateLogic DomainLogic of ITypeReportData
msdn2017/pubclass XafariInplaceReportsCacheHelper
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportsStorage Manages loading and persisting XafXafariReportTemplate.
msdn2017/pubclass XafariReportsXafModule
msdn2017/pubclass XtraReportEngineLoader For internal use.
msdn2017/pubclass XtraReportTemplateAdapter Adapts XafXafariReportTemplate for IReportDataV2Writable interface.
msdn2017/pubclass XtraTemplateDeployer Intended to deploy Xtra report template of Xafari Report.
msdn2017/pubclass XtraTemplateDeployer<TReport, TTemplate> Intended to deploy predefined Xtra report template of Xafari Reports.
msdn2017/pubclass XtraTemplateDeployer<TReport> Intended to deploy Xtra report template of Xafari Reports.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubinterface XafXafariReportTemplate Component for storage template of XafReport

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