Xafari.BC.Numerators Namespace

Assembly: Xafari.BC.Numerators (in Xafari.BC.Numerators.dll)

Name Description
msdn2017/pubclass CustomNumerator Class for user numerators, created in code.
msdn2017/pubclass CustomNumeratorApplyEventArgs Obsolete.
msdn2017/pubclass DerivedClass DerivedClass class binding property of IModelServicesDerivedClass.
msdn2017/pubclass DictionaryToStringConverter
msdn2017/pubclass msdn2017/static Extensions
msdn2017/pubclass IndexNumeratorManager Provides index numbering for objects which implement IIndexNumberSupport interface.
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorAppliedEventArgs
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorBase Base class of numerators.
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorCustomApplyEventArgs
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorFormatter Форматер используется при создании номеров нумератора по шаблону.
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorLink NumeratorLink class binding property of persistent object to numerator.
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorLink<T>
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorManager Object to controls numerators.
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorPersistenceProvider
msdn2017/pubclass NumeratorsLogicController
msdn2017/pubclass SkipNumerator Нумератор используется для отмены нумерации, определенной в базовом классе объекта, для которого применяется нумерация.
msdn2017/pubclass Updater
msdn2017/pubclass XafariBCNumeratorsModule
Name Description
msdn2017/pubinterface IDeletedNumbersSupport Declares members implemented by classes, where need support the feature of using deleted numbers.
msdn2017/pubinterface IIndexNumberSupport Declares members implemented by classes, where need support the feature of index numbering.
msdn2017/pubinterface IMissingNumberSupport Declares members implemented by classes, where need support the feature of missing numbers.
msdn2017/pubinterface INumeratorPersistenceProvider Declare members implemented by classes, which provide access to numerators feature in persistence objects.
msdn2017/pubinterface INumeratorValueSupport Declare members implemented by classes, where need support numerator value.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubenum ApplyNumeratorsStrategy
msdn2017/pubenum UseDeletedNumbersModes Declares modes for use deleted numbers strategy.

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