DockPanels for Complex Views

Problem definition

Complex applications often deal with complex objects containing large amounts of properties and including up to several dozen collections. Such collections are usually used as simple reports and store object related data.

To view such an object, a separate Detail View containing all these properties and lists should be created. The result is an extremely complicated View that often works significantly slower.



Xafari allows dividing complex Views into several simpler ones. As a rule, the most common data is shown in the main form while all other is placed on additional ones. Additional Views are implemented as DockPanels attached to the main form. The result is having several related and quickly working Views instead of a single overcomplicated one.



This approach also provides the user with the opportunity to customize the number of active panels in the runtime and to place the panels anywhere on the screen.

For more info, refer to the DockPanels section.

Effects of using

  • Increasing UI performance;
  • Improved UI ergonomics.