XafariMVC instead of XAF.Web

Problem definition

XAF.Web uses WebForms: the technology that requires a lot of resources to process the client side requests in the web app. In particular, the XAF application send the complete View state to the server when performing the request. Therefore, the page structure is every time built from scratch on the server before sending it as a response. Such consequences lead to strict limitations on developing XAF applications able to deal with large numbers of active users.

The XAF product team is constantly improving their solution, making it better with each version. However, some conceptual boundaries of the WebForm technology itself are still extremely hard to overcome.


The Xafari product team used their experience to build the XafariMVC solution upon the state-of-the-art XAF platform architecture. It is functionally identical to XAF.Web and uses ASP.NET MVC5 as a basic platform.



The results of testing the application performance on various platforms proved that the usage of Xafari.MVC improves the response time up to 50% and raises the limit of active users of the application thrice.

For more info on how to use XafariMVC, refer to the XafariMVC section.

Effects of using

  • Web server performance optimization;
  • Increasing UI performance.