Dock Panels

When developing business applications, it may be necessary to give the user access to a number of auxiliary Views at the same time. For example, when working with a list of orders, it is convenient to have access to related data: the customer's details and the order specification. The application screenshots below demonstrate this case.



Another example: when working with the employee's Detail View, it is very useful to access the orders managed by the employee.



Xafari Dock Panels shows additional contextual Views within docking containers. The user can move Dock Panels to arbitrary positions, attach them to various areas of the parent window (further Main View), or hide them temporarily. Thus the user can customize the application UI to his personal preferences. When displaying the data, the Dock Panels respect the relationships between the business objects.

Different configurations of Dock Panels can be designed and shipped in the completely independent modules. Dock Panels complement the Main View in the final configuration and these absolutely don't effect on the initial development of this View.

Dock Panels are now shipped as аn integral part of the Xafari framework.

The Xafari Dock Panels module allows to configure the following common use cases:

  • Add the Dock Panel to a business class
  • Add the Dock Panel to the certain View
  • Add the Dock Panel to the main window

There are different types of relations between the Dock Panel and the Main View, these are Independent, Master, Details, and DetailsCurrentObject.

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