What's Included

General Components

This group provides a number of additional features to extend a standard XAF application. The supplied technologies are intended to improve the attractiveness of the target application in three ways: new functions, advanced UI ergonomics, and high performance. The components included in the described kit may be separately integrated into the application as needed; they do not cause any significant changes in the concept and architecture of the overall solution. These components form a perfect combination with comparatively simple business applications, i.e. those that use standard XAF components without major modifications. According to approximate estimates, the development team for a project of such scope should consist of at most three specialists. Of course, all General Components can be used as building blocks for a more global development to perform custom business tasks. Read more.

Business Components

The components of this group are designed to meet the demands encountered in the development of complicated business systems. Business Components allow to implement a wide range of business tasks and are focused on sustainable and effective operation under the following conditions:

  • processing large amounts of data,
  • more than a dozen users,
  • considerable variety of use cases,
  • integrations between an XAF application with other systems at the customer site.

At least five experienced developers are required to successfully complete a similar project. The modules of this group essentially adapt standard XAF applications to the specifics listed above. Business Components actively use General Components in different scenarios.

When using Business Components, there are certain recommendations and agreements on the system design and coding, as well as on the organization of the user interface. It is desirable to consider them at a very early stage of design in order to maximize the utilization of the provided opportunities; this approach allows to reduce the cost of the project significantly. It will showcase its full capacity only if used in a complex and according to the Xafari Approach to Application Development. Read more.

ERP Components

ERP Components group contains the modules for a very rapid development of enterprise-grade solutions based on the DevExpress XAF. These solutions provide the key functionality for large-scale companies operating numerous high-volume data streams and facing the number of users that exceeds several hundreds. Often, such systems should implement only a part of the company’s workflow and, at the same time, the system should be integrated into custom 3rd party applications. Of course, one of the most critical aspects of a modern enterprise application is a distributed multi-tiered architecture.

Xafari ERP Components fit perfectly into the described process; they are high-performing, reliable, easily maintainable, and expandable. These components utilize the features and concepts of the two previous blocks completely. Due to substantial flexibility, they are easily adapted to the internal business processes of a company. Of course, solutions of this scale require specialized customer's resources for deployment and following supporting. Read more.


This solution provides a standard XAF Web application with the opportunity to run on the ASP.NET MVC 5 platform. Compared to WebForms, the MVC technology is much more up-to-date; therefore, it can significantly improve the application’s performance within minimal development costs. Obtained XAF MVC application has the functionality that is absolutely identical to the original one. To see and examine Xafari ASP.NET MVC features in action, refer to the Demo Examples. Read more.