TabbedDetailsPropertyEditor for Complex Views

Problem definition

Complex applications often deal with complex objects containing large amounts of properties and including up to several dozen collections. To modify such an object, a separate Detail View containing all these properties and lists should be created. The result is an extremely complicated View that often works significantly slower and has negative influence on general ergonomics of the app.



The most rational way to simplify the complexity of a View with many properties is to split it into several smaller Views. Each of these smaller Views is still related to the same object.

A special editor (XafariTabbedDetailsPropertyEditor) provides a ready-to-use implementation of such functionality. The editor consists of two parts: navigation view hierarchy and the current view panel.


The customization of the editor should be done in the Application Model making it possible to set everything up right when integrating the solution on the customer’s side.

For more info on using this editor, refer to the TabbedDetailsPropertyEditor section.

Effects of using

  • Increasing UI performance;
  • Improved UI ergonomics.