Tray Notification

The XafariTrayNotifyIconController class provides the opportunity to interact with the application through the notification area (also known as system tray or status area). Tray Notification is most useful when the application is running in the background and should be available for quick access. In the current version, Tray Notification has the following functions available in its context menu:

  • Minimize (minimizes the application's window to the icon in the notification area),
  • Open (expands the application's window back to the full screen),
  • Navigation (provides quick access to the navigation menu of the application),
  • Exit (closes the application completely).

Being enabled for the application, this module changes the behavior of the Exit button on the main form; instead of closing the window, it minimizes one into the notification area. The icon of the application in the notification area can be seen in the picture below:


The module also adds the Minimize button into the File context menu of the application (see the image below).


The figure below demonstrates the context menu of the application's icon in the notification area:


The structure of the navigation menu is demonstrated in the screenshot below:


For more info, refer to the following page:

Getting Started