Easy Tests Support


The eXpressApp Framework includes the EasyTest to perform functional testing of XAF applications. For more information, see https://documentation.devexpress.com/#eXpressAppFramework/CustomDocument113206.

Xafari framework expands the standard EasyTest with the necessary mechanisms to test its specific components. The new features for Xafari are implemented in Xafari.EasyTest.WinAdapter, Xafari.ScriptRecorder, and Xafari.ScriptRecorder.Win modules.


In version х011, Xafari supports the testing of the following list of components for the Win platform:

  • Actions:
    • Aggregated Action
    • Check Action
    • Popup Container Show Action
  • Dock Panels
  • Arms
  • Tabbed Detail Property Editor
  • Vertical Grid Property Editor
  • Multiple Lookup Property Editor
  • Xafari Lookup Property Editor
  • View Id Property Editor
  • Enum Property Editor
  • Expression Property Editor
  • Hyper Link Property Editor
  • Period Struct Property Editor
  • Hierarchy Node List Editor
  • Explorer List Editor
  • Xafari Tree List Editor
  • Wizards
  • PartialLoadListViewController
  • Application Settings
  • Object Status
  • Reports