Show Success Message

This function is intended to show the user the message saying that an Action was successfully executed. Xafari extends the IModelAction node in the Application Model with an extra setting that allows displaying both static messages and formatted strings depending on the context of Action execution. By default, no messages are shown.


To specify a message, navigate to the appropriate Action node in the Application Model and set the value for the Success Message property.


It is possible to enter either a static string or a formula that uses ObjectFormatter (and its XafariObjectFormatter() extension). The parameter of the Formatter is the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Actions.ActionBaseEventArgs object for the executing Action.

The string below specifies the message that displays the name of the executed Action and the name of the current object.

  • example

Formatted message for action '{0:Action.Caption}'
 and current object '{0:CurrentObject.Name}'

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