Wizards allow to execute complex operations sequentially (step by step). The installation procedure is a demonstrative example of the use of wizards. Wizards implement analogical functionality with some specifics of the XAF platform.

Key features:

  • Wizard is an analog of the PopupWindowShowAction. This type of Action is useful when you want a user to input several parameters in a popup dialog before an Action is executed. The difference between them is that the Wizard allows to make a number of sequential steps for editing object's parameters. In addition to this, Wizard allows to pass some steps according to the specific conditions.
  • Any Wizard works in a pop-up window.
  • Wizard steps are shown as the Detail View for one object type.
  • At the finish of the Wizard steps there are two variants: execute Action or cancel execution.

To see the Wizards in action, refer to the Wizards|Templates and Implementations  section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.

Windows Forms:




The Xafari technology of Wizards includes a number of advanced features:

  • Supported both in Win and Web platforms.
  • There is 4 templates of displaying.
  • Using a new type of action - WizardAction. It is a PopupWindowShowAction descendant.
  • You can customize Wizard properties in the VS designer and in the Application Model.
  • The View for each step of the Wizard generated automaticaly in the Application Model.
  • Conditional jumps between the Wizard steps are implemented.
  • For access and control Wizard steps in code special events is exposed.