Xafari Security. XPO

This topic describes how to add Xafari Security XPO to the XAF-application. To examine a complete sample, refer to the Northwind demo installed with Xafari.


This topic demonstrates the using of Application Designer to configure the application, a similar task for Xafari Security DC is implemented using AppModule. There are other alternative ways.

Open the existing XAF-solution and execute the following steps:

  • Add XafariModule and XafariSecurityXpoModule to the Module Project.
  • Add XafariWinModule and XafariSecurityWinModule to the Windows Forms Module Project, add XafariWebModule and XafariSecurityWebModule to the ASP.NET Web Module Project.
  • Invoke Application Designer. Drop the SecurityStrategyComplex component from the XAF Security group on Toolbox to the Security pane on designer.


  • Invoke Properties Window and  set RoleType property to the "Xafari.Security.Xpo.XafariSecuritySystemRole" value.


  • Apllication also requires the authentication system. You can use Xafari Authentication. Drop the XafariAuthentication component from the Xafari group to the Security pane.


  • Run the application (either Windows Forms or ASP.NET). The following logon window will be displayed.


  • Select Windows Authentication type and activate the app. The feature of the Xafari Security XPO is an Extra Permissions.