Business Numerators

The Numerators service is useful when creating new business objects. It provides the automatic generation of string values based on the numerical sequence. The Numerators support Xafari Object Formatter and allow obtaining calculated values that depend on the context and comply with a specific template. It should be noted that Xafari also provides Index Numerator functionality that automatically populates all Int32 properties.

The use of the Numerators simplifies the user’s work and saves time. It helps avoid having to type codes, ciphers, labels, etc. manually, so reducing the probability of typing erroneous data.

To see the Numerators in action, refer to the Main|Documents|Orders section in the Xafari Northwind (or Northwind.DC) demo installed with Xafari.





Standard use cases of Numerators are customizable and can be configured via the Model Editor or Xafari Application Support. It is also possible to implement the original Numerator taking into account the specific needs of the customer. The Numerators can be used for both interacting with the business objects in the UI and processing these objects in code.

The functionality of the Numerators is provided by the following modules:

  • The Xafari.BC.Numerators module provides all basic functionality.
  • The Xafari.BC.Numerators.DC module provides the functionality that is specific for the Domain Components.
  • The Xafari.BC.Numerators.Xpo module provides the functionality that is specific for the XPO objects.

To learn more about the Numerators, refer to the following documents:

Before proceeding, it is recommended that you review the Xafari Service and Xafari Application Support concepts.