Work Places

The Xafari Workplaces module implements the functions to customize the Model for user Work Places. Work Places were developed as an extra Application Model layer that stores the Model settings for a particular group of users (e.g. mechanics, masters, operators).

Standard XAF platform functionality allows to customize the Application Model for either all users of the system (in Model.xafml) or each user separately (in Model.User.xafml).


The improved approach is based on adding one more layer into the above scheme. This layer is intended to store the settings for groups of users and is shown in the image below (as Model.Workplace.<role_name>.xafml).


The Xafari Workplaces module provides the opportunity to create/customize Work Places and bind them to user roles in the Security System.

When the application starts, the platform finds all Work Places available for the current user and asks to choose the Work Place required for this session. That is why appropriate roles should be defined in the Security System. There is no need to give these roles any rights for their only purpose is to allow the users access their Work Places.

It is possible to create Work Places in several ways:

  • Manually create a Model.Workplace.<role_name>.xafml file in the application folder.
  • In the application itself (available only for the users that possess rights to edit the Application Model).
  • Via a special Xafari.Workplace.ModelEditor.exe. utility.

To customize an existing Work Place (that already has a Model.Workplace.<role_name>.xafml file created on the disc), use either the application itself or a special Xafari.Workplace.ModelEditor.exe utility.

You can try Work Places straight away in the Northwind.DC demo app included in Xafari.


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