Xafari Applications Support

Xafari Applications Support (XAS) is a standalone Windows application based on the Xafari which is responsible for maintaining all the specifics, due to the system settings, configuring, and administering the customer's business application. XAS is a special tool to adapt the framework to the needs of the application. The use of XAS allows limiting the quantity of administrative functions in the business application itself, putting this functionality into a separate app. It has positive effects on both system requirements of the business application (less code means less memory and CPU usage) and UI layout (no administrative views and controls). Using a separate administrative application, it is also possible to increase the security level of the enterprise software significantly.


XAS is aimed to support applications that use Security Strategy Comples supplied both by the DevExpress XAF or Xafari. XAS can be used either by administrators or by users with limited access. The standard Permissions mechanism allows to restrict a particular functions.

In order to avoid interference in the business logic XAS deactivates custom Controllers. At the same time, all system Controllers are available, those of XAF and Xafari Controllers. To determine whether or not the Controller is system, XAS checks its namespaces. In addition, there is a special EnabledInXASModeAttribute attribute for custom Controllers. If decorate the custom Controller with this attribute, the XAS will not deactivate it.

Since the custom Controllers are not used in XAS working process, XAS blocks the ability to modify business objects through the UI. It is to prevent possible data issues that may occur when the user tries to modify business classes straight from XAS while some parts of business logic are still not active. If apply EnabledInXASModeAttribute attribute to the business objects, the XAS keep the ability to modify them.

To make a custom functionality is managed by XAS, it is necessary to adhere to certain agreements in the design and development.

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