Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit is represented by the Xafari.BC.dll assembly.

In the process of the editing a list of objects may occur following situation: the property must have the same value in a number of objects. Standard approach in such a situation is one-by-one editing of objects. Xafari platform provides feature, which allow editing groups of objects in the List View. The user can select the objects and edit the property once for the entire group. A special editor, which is displayed in a Dock Panel, is used to edit the common values.

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To see the Bulk Edit in action, refer to the Bulk Edit section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.

The Bulk Edit can be applied to the objects of different types. In such case, two editing modes are possible:

  • Intersect
  • Union

In the Intersect mode, the editor displays only those properties, which declared in all types. In the Union mode, all properties of all objects are displayed.

In addition to edit the properties declared in the business class, the Bulk Edit supports editing of the Dynamic Properties.

The topics in this section will provide you with an extensive knowledge of the Bulk Edit.

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