Xafari Model Editor

Xafari Model Editor is a tool to work with an Application Model, this is similar to XAF Model Editor and fully supports all of its functions. Special editor from Xafari is required when you use Xafari application based on the Application Host technology (see Xafari ERP Concepts and Application Hosts). Xafari Application classes differ from the standard XafApplication and classic Model Editor do not work correctly with the model's files. Xafari Model Editor resolves this conflict and provides the developer (customer) with a well known tool to edit .xafml files.


Xafari Model Editor has a broader set of features when you open project’s model.

Xafari Model Editor will be installed with Xafari Framework. The standalone utility is available at C:\Program Files (x86)\Galaktika\Xafari Framework v16.2.5011\Tools\XafariModelEditor\Xafari.ModelEditor.exe. In Visual Studio, the editor invokes when you click .xafml file in Solution Explorer.

Alternate way is to focus .xafml file and choose Open With … option from the context menu. In the invoked Open with window select Xafari Model Editor and press OK. Image below demonstrates this scenario.