Multiple Lookup

Xafari Multiple Lookup Property Editor is used to display an object list in a Detail View. It displays the properties of IList type in Win applications. This means, that interface IList is implemented by the property type. The default editor for these properties is ListEditor. However XafariMultipleLookupPropertyEditor provides the end user a few other possibilities. User doesn't need to select list items one by one. Working with data in such manner can take a lot of time and effort. XafariMultipleLookupPropertyEditor allows to select all required items in the dropdown List View at once. List of objects are displayed in one string, which allows compact layout of data in Detail View.

To see the XafariMultipleLookupPropertyEditor in action, refer to the Editors|XafariMultipleLookupEditor|Objects With MultipleLookup Property section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari. The DetailObjects property of the DevExpress.XPO.XPCollection type are displayed via this Property Editor.

Windows Forms:


It is possible to expand the dropdown List View by adding a column with CheckBox controls, and it is also possible to select multiple items while holding down the ctrl key. Also there is a way to control the selection using the keyboard.

To learn more about the XafariMultipleLookupPropertyEditor, refer to the following documents: