Tabbed Detail Property Editor

The Tabbed Detail Property Editor provides an original mechanism for data representation in the Detail View, which is very convenient for business objects with a large number of properties. The idea is to split Property Editors into  multiple tabs and work the tabs one by one. You can customize the settings via the Model Editor.

To see the TabbedDetailPropertyEditor in action, refer to the Main|Classifiers|Employee section in the Xafari Northwind demo installed with Xafari.

Windows Forms:




Each tab displays individual Detail View, that created and designed in Application Model. In the Enterprise Solution can be claimed Detail View with dozens of tabs, Tabbed Detail Property Editor supports a quick search in the tree of tabs. To quickly find the desired bookmark, focus any node in the tree of tabs and start typing the name of the desired item: focus will move to the desired tab.


To learn more about the Tabbed Detail Property Editor, refer to the following documents: