Smart Design

The Smart Design technology is designed to solve several common problems happening during the Views generation. It provides the opportunity to customize (in code) a number of parameters for List View, Lookup List View, and Detail View. It also allows creating additional Views.

By default, XAF creates nodes in the Application Models for all properties of the persistent object. Consequently, each existing property is displayed in the UI. This often results in the redundancy of fields seen on the visual forms. Much effort is required to hide the unnecessary columns. In some situations, it is definitely easier to make all properties hidden by default and specify only the properties that should be displayd.

The basic idea of the Smart Design technology is that the developer modifies the code or the Application Model in order to explicitly specify only the properties that should be presented in the UI. Moreover, in a business object class, the developer can "order" to generate any number of different Views, each of them displaying a specific set of properties.


The View generation strategy for each business class may be determined at the design stage. XafViewLayoutStrategy is the default strategy that generates Views by the XAF standards. XafariSmartDesignStrategy generates Views based on the Xafari standards.

To see Xafari Smart Design in action, refer to the Vew Layout Generator section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.


To learn more about Xafari Smart Design, refer to the following documents: