Actions. Popup Container Show Action

Popup Container Show Action derived from the PopupWindowShowAction class. This type of Action is intended for the cases  when you want the user to input several parameters in a popup dialog before the Action is executed. Unlike the base Action, the dialog is displayed as a popup-container. For this purpose, a special BarItem is implemented in the toolbar.

To see the Popup Container Show Action in action, refer to the Action|PopupContainerShowActionObject section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.

Windows Forms:



In general, Popup Container Show Action is shipped for both platforms (Win Forms and ASP. NET Web Forms). However, there were limitations in the core functionality of DevExpress and now, the web app displays the PopupContainerShowAction as well as its ancestor - PopupWindowShowAction. For more information, see:

To learn more about the Popup Container Show Action, refer to the following documents: