Explorer List Editor displays objects that are organized in a tree-like structure. Explorer List Editor can only display objects that implement the IHierarchyNode or IHierarchyNodeEx interfaces (see IHierarchyNode Interface topic).

Explorer List Editor displays the data hierarchy as a nested folders structure. This presentation allows the user to focus on the work with data in a particular node. Other nodes of the same level are out of view of the user and do not distract him from the work.

The IHierarchyNode and IHierarhyNodeEx interfaces allow for existence of multiple hierarchies for the same set of objects. ExplorerListEditor provides the multiple hierarchies support. User can change a current hierarchy in the runtime.

To see the Explorer List Editor in action, refer to the Editors|IHierarchy Node List Editor section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.





The Getting Started topic provides information on how to start using the Explorer List Editor.