Most modern business applications have to deal with automation of the document workflow. The Xafari Docflow module provides a tool kit for development of a comprehensive document workflow system in the XAF application.

The Xafari Docflow module exposes mechanisms and components that allows to describe the document lifestyle or object lifestyle in a formal manner. Schema is a basic concept for  document workflow design based on the Xafari Docflow module.

The Schema describes the sequence of stages, through which the document goes, and the sequence of performed tasks. It is possible to design fixed a Schema, such as Workflow, or flexible Schema, such as ACM (Adaptive Case Management). All information connected with the document is collected and aggregated during the lifecycle.

The Schema is actually a document subtype.  It specifies the document behavior in accordance with the requirements of specific application. The system that includes the module becomes adaptive in the sense that it is able to adapt to new of modified requirements.

All configuration of the behavior (the Schema) is performed in the Application Model. It can be configured while the application is operated. In so doing, programming in C# is not necessary.

You can specify a number of Schemas for one object type (Domain Component). Different instances of the same type can be processed using different Schemas.

To see the Xafari Docflow in action, refer to the General|Classifiers|Docflow Document section in the Xafari BC Demo installed with Xafari.



The Xafari Docflow Module is represented by the Xafari.Docflow.dll assembly.


This documentation is relevant for x08 and previous versions. Nevertheless, it describes the basic concepts and features, and allows you to get an initial idea of the Docflow. The BC Demo app installed with Xafari represents the current state of this component. Contact our support team to get detailed advice.  

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