Xafari Branches technology restricts users access to data based on a their belonging to one or another branch of the company. It is a very required and effective tool for the holding type companies, it provides transparent automation of this companies.

To see Branches in action, refer to the Xafari.BCDemo demo, instaled with Xafari.

Data of a  multitude of separate affiliates (companies, offices) are stored in a single database, and Xafari.BC.Branches module effectively manages them. Branch administrator can specify branche entities (i.e. local, isolated for each branche) or shared entities . Moreover, even for Branche entitie the selected elements can be shared and are available at all Branches.

For each user it is possible to specify to which Branches he has access , and to which no. There are Read and Write permissions for entities in Branch. If several Branches are available for a single user, the user can see objects of all available Branches or only the current one. Manager can to receive the consolidated statements for the corporation as a whole and group and filter data in the context of Branches.

The configuring of the Branches is provided by the two scenarios: you can integrate administration tools into the business application or use Xafari Applications Support technology.

To learn more about the Xafari Branches, refer to the following documents: