Alternative Navigation Items

Arm is an alternative navigation system for XAF applications. Standard XAF navigation system provides the capability to activate the required View by means of special navigation control. Arms support this functionality and provide a number of additional features.

Flexible and transparent architecture allows to develop new, specialized types of navigation items. There are Arm navigation items that execute Actions. In addition, Xafari framework comprises menu items for working with Xafari Reports and to run Business Operations.

Xafari Arm automatically modifies the navigation menu depending on which roles are assigned to the current user. Thus, the developer can design specialized navigation blocks for different user groups.

The mechanism of templates improves the efficiency of designing Arms in the Application Model. The template contains a set of finite menu elements, grouped as required, and can be repeatedly used in various Arms.

To see the Arms in action, refer to the Northwind demo installed with Xafari.

Windows Forms:


Win version supports two modes of represenation: TreeList and NavBar.



To learn more about Arms, refer to the following topics: