Application Settings

During the development of business applications might encounter the following task: allow the user to set values of the different global parameters at runtime, these values ​​should be simply available in code when implementing business logic. Examples of such parameters are:

  • Bonus calculation factor
  • Time of keeping the supplies information before moving it to the archive
  • Default value to be used when creating a new persistent object
  • Etc.

Xafari BC Settings module provides a ready to use solution for managing of the XAF-application settings. Main features of this module are listed below:

  • The setting is a global concept for the entire system
  • The settings values ​​are stored in the server database.
  • Users and admins can access the setting value in the application UI via the special Views
  • Business logic of the application can access the setting value via the special service
  • Setting value can be changed both globally (for all users) and for individual role (or user). This functionality is provided by the Setting Value Slices concept.

To see the Application Settings in action, refer to the Northwind and Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.

Windows Forms:




To implement Settings structure, the developer should use base classes and interfaces provided by Xafari BC Settings module.It is possible to implement Settings for both persistent and non-persistent types. Xafari BC Settings provides ready to use templates for most common .NET types. Large number of Settings can be separated into groups for easy usage. A special service provides access to Settings values.

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