Multiple Lookup. Getting Started

In this lesson, you will learn how to activate XafariMultipleLookupPropertyEditor. Let's look at this task for DetailObjects property of the MultipleLookupByCheckBoxMasterObject object in the Feature Center demo. Pay attention to the type of this property. Note, that  the property type should implement the IList interface.

  • Add modules XafariModule and XafariEditorsModule to Module Project.
  • Add modules XafariWinModule and XafariEditorsWinModule to Windows Forms Application Project.
  • Invoke the Model Editor. Navigate to BOModel|Xafari.FeatureCenter.Editors|MultipleLookupByCheckBoxMasterObject|OwnMembers|DetailObjects node. Set PropertyEditorType property to Xafari.Editors.Win.XafariMultipleLookupEditor.
  • Now you can build and run application.


  • It is possible to enable Check boxes on lookup List Views. To do this, navigate to Views|Xafari.FeatureCenter.Editors|MultipleLookupByCheckBoxDetailObject_LookupListView node. Set MultipleLookupByCheckboxes property to true.