Xafari Reports in Application

Topics in this section provide detailed information about Xafari Reports in application. Xafari Reports provides advanced administration tools for all existing reports. Parameters determine the final data for the output report. Since the Parameters is a Domain Component, the user can create, store, edit, and use many of the Parameters objects. Xafari Reports supports several visual representations for the received report data is the so-called report templates. Report templates are created using wizards and visual designers. The same report can be presented using many different formats according to customer. All templates are stored in database. The generated report can be saved and viewed as needed. There is a general list of saved reports.

End-user interacts with reports via the special Report Arm Item.

Xafari.Reports.XafariReportInfo business class provides a view and administration of all reports in the application. The user interacts with XafariReportInfo_ListView, selects the desired report and navigates to the Detail View for administration. For these purposes, the XafariReportInfo_ListView must be present in the navigation system. For example, in the Northwind.DC demo application there are a special Xafari Reports Arm and Administration Arm Item shown in the image below.



To deploy the reports that are shipped with the demo application, execute the Deploy demo reports Arm Item. After the deployment process is completed, update Arms panel by pressing F5. Reports are displayed in Orders and Product groups, it is marked on the image below:


For information about administration of the reports, see the following sections:

Refer to the End-User Capabilities topic to learn about user interaction with required report.