QuickChoicePropertyEditor. Getting Started

You can use ASPxQuickChoicePropertyEditor for Reference Properties instead of ASPxLookupPropertyEditor. To assign this editor for an property follow the steps described below.

  • Add module XafariEditorsModule to Module Project.
  • Add module XafariEditorsWebModule to the Web Application Project.
  • Invoke Model Editor. Navigate to the reference property item in the BOModel node. For example, image below demonstrates BOModel|Xafari.FeatureCenter.Editors|QuickChoicePropertyEditorObjectsContainer|OwnMembers|DemoCallbackPageSize node.  Set PropertyEditorType property to Xafari.Editors.Web.ASPxQuickChoicePropertyEditor value.


  • Navigate to corresponding view item node. For example, image below demonstrates Views|Xafari.FeatureCenter.Editors|QuickChoicePropertyEditorObjectsContainer_DetailView|Items|DemoCallbackPageSize node. You can configure a number of parameters of ASPxQuickChoicePropertyEditor, as shown in the image below.


  • CallbackPageSize property specifies the number of elements that are loaded as one portion. The default number is 100.
  • DropDownRows property specifies the number of elements in the dropdown list. This number must not be more than CallbackPageSize!  The default number is 7.
  • IncrementalFilteringMode property specifies the mode of looking up elements in the list: "None", "StartsWith", "Contains". "Contains" is used by default.
  • TextFormatString property specifies the format for displaying and looking up elements. For example "{0}", or "{0}  {1}" if there are more than one column (see devexpress.com/Support/Center/Question/Details/S39898 and Q25430).
  • To see the result, run the ASP.NET application.