PeriodStructPropertyEditor. Getting Started

In this lesson, you will learn how you can assign PeriodStructPropertyEditor to DateTime property. Follow the steps described below.

  • Add XafariModule, XafariFiltersModule and XafariEditorsModule to Module Project.
  • Add XafariFiltersWindowsModule and XafariEditorsWinModule to Windows Forms Application Project.
  • Add XafariFiltersWebModule and XafariEditorsWebModule to Web Application Project.
  • Invoke the Model Editor. Navigate to the object item in the BOModel node. For example, image below demonstrates BOModel|Xafari.Northwind.Classifiers|Order node in the Xafari Northwind demo. Lookup list for PeriodFilterProperty contains all allowable properties for the selected object. Select required value from lookup list.


  • To see the result, run the application and go to the List View for the corresponding objects.

Note also the following remarks:

  • ListView item in the Views node also contains PeriodFilterProperty. Its default value derives from the BOModel node for corresponding object.
  • PeriodStructPropertyEditor is a default Property Editor for Xafari.Base.PeriodStruct type.

You can download additional solution on this topic.