Xafari MVC. Concepts


Xafari MVC supports all basic concepts of XAF applications development and introduces some extra features described in this section.

The directories of Xafari MVC application complements the standard XAF WebForms structure to all the peculiarities of the MVC application model.


Xafari MVC includes a special Visual Studio template to create a new applications (see MVC App from Scratch topic).

New modules are added to MVC applications in a standard manner (see Application Designer).

For each module, Xafari MVC supplies a corresponding nuget package with all files required for stable work of List Editors, Property Editors, and controls of that particular XAF module. When being installed, the nuget package puts its files into the target catalogs depending on their content (Controls, Editors, etc.). The subdirectory name depends on the namespace of the module.


Difficulties, specific techniques and features when implementing a custom UI components are described in the corresponding topics: