Managed Operations. End-User Capabilities

XafariManagedOperationsCfgModule provides a viewing and configuring the Managed Operations at runtime. It is provided by the Xafari.ManagedOperations.Cfg.dll assembly. There are 2 strategies for the use of this module:

  • Add module to the business application. In this case, the administration function will be available in the target application (see Getting Started topic).
  • The target business application is developed based on the use of a separate administration tool - Xafari Applications Support (XAS).

In the second case XafariBCSettingsCfgModule should be added to the XAS application, this module adds a Managed operations group to the navigation system.

The ManagedOperationStorage_ListView and the Detail View of the certain Managed Operation are available to the user for viewing and control of the process execution.





The View toolbar exposes a number of special Actions:

  • Suspend: suspend the execution
  • Resume: continue the execution after suspension
  • Cancel: abort the execution
  • Check: check for overdue operations. The operation is considered overdue, if it was canceled or not running for 45 seconds or more for any other reason.
  • Refresh timeout: specifies an interval for the autorefresh function  in the Managed Operations List View. The refresh is required for timely display of changes (progress, status change etc.) The autorefresh can be disabled.
  • Zone type: selects the local or global type of displayed operations.