MemberMap Class

That the properties of objects and external speakers.

Namespace: Xafari.Data
Assembly: Xafari.Data (in Xafari.Data.dll)

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public class MemberMap : IMemberMap, IXmlSerializable

Public Class MemberMap
  Implements IXmlSerializable, IMemberMap
End Class

Name Description
msdn2017/pubmethod MemberMap() Initializes an instance of the class.
msdn2017/pubmethod MemberMap(string, string) Initializes an instance of the specified values ​​of the parameters.
msdn2017/pubmethod MemberMap(string, string, string, string) Initializes an instance of the specified values ​​of the parameters.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubproperty ColumnName Column Name.
msdn2017/pubproperty ColumnTypeName Column Type Name.
msdn2017/pubproperty DefaultValue Default value. Used for initialize undetermination data
msdn2017/pubproperty MemberExpression Member Expression
msdn2017/pubproperty MemberName Member Name.
msdn2017/pubproperty MemberTypeName Member Type Name.
msdn2017/pubproperty TransMatrix List of pairs like (from,into). Used for conversion input values
msdn2017/pubproperty TransValue Value contain pair (from,into) datas.
Name Description
msdn2017/pubmethod msdn2017/static CreateDefault(IMemberInfo) Create the appropriate default properties.
msdn2017/pubmethod GetSchema() Returns the XML-schema that describes the object.
msdn2017/pubmethod ReadXml(XmlReader) Creates an XML representation of.
msdn2017/pubmethod WriteXml(XmlWriter) Converts an object to an XML representation.

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