IUserParticipant Interface

Domain component to implement base Participant user logic.

Namespace: Xafari.BC.Tasks.DC
Assembly: Xafari.BC.Tasks (in Xafari.BC.Tasks.dll)

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[DomainComponent()] [XafDisplayName("IUserParticipant")] [NonPersistentDc()] public interface IUserParticipant : IParticipant

<DomainComponent> _
<XafDisplayName("IUserParticipant")> _
<NonPersistentDc> _
Public Interface IUserParticipant
  Inherits IParticipant
End Interface

Name Description
msdn2017/pubproperty DisplayName Gets and sets object DisplayName. (inherited from DisplayNameSupport).
msdn2017/pubproperty DisplayNameFormat String representation format. Use XafariObjectFormatter syntax to define format. (inherited from DisplayNameSupport).
msdn2017/pubproperty Dpo Dynamic properties object that allow to modify properties. (inherited from DynamicObjectBase).
msdn2017/pubproperty DynamicProperties (inherited from PersistentDynamicObject).
msdn2017/pubproperty EMail Participant's e-meail. (inherited from IParticipant).
msdn2017/pubproperty ExecutorType Executor type of current participant. (inherited from IParticipant).
msdn2017/pubproperty HistoryCreate Object created. (inherited from HistoryInfo).
msdn2017/pubproperty HistoryModify Object modified. (inherited from HistoryInfo).
msdn2017/pubproperty Name Field to represent perticipants name. (inherited from IParticipant).
msdn2017/pubproperty ParticipantId Current participant Id. (inherited from IParticipant).
msdn2017/pubproperty RolesParticipants Participant roles, associated with current task's user. Collection of IRoleParticipant. Gets from collection decorated with TermAttribute with value "Roles".
msdn2017/pubproperty TransactionId Obsolete. Helps to modify base table of object. (inherited from IAuditSupport).
Name Description
msdn2017/pubmethod UpdateDisplayNameValue() Update string reppresentation. (inherited from DisplayNameSupport).
Name Description
msdn2017/pubextensionmethod Branches(this XafariObject) (Defined by XXafariObject_BranchInfo_Extension).
msdn2017/pubextensionmethod GetExtension<TExtension>(this IXFEntity, string) Obsolete. Returns extension TExtension for entity obj by extension propertyName.
msdn2017/pubextensionmethod GetExtension<TExtension>(this IXFEntity, bool) Returns extension TExtension for entity <param name="obj" />

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