This Property Editors display values of numeric types. Each of the editors has a spin to edit values. There are Win and Web implementations, the web-implementation supports the Xafari Templates Storage technology.


There are a following editors:

  • XafariBytePropertyEditor
  • XafariDecimalPropertyEditor
  • XafariDoublePropertyEditor
  • XafariFloatPropertyEditor
  • XafariInt64PropertyEditor
  • XafariIntPropertyEditor

This editors require to add XafariModule and XafariEditorsModule to the platform independent module project, then, add XafariWinEditorsModule or XafariWebEditorsModule to the platform-specific module project. Invoke the Model Editor, navigate to the appropriate property and set PropertyEditorType value. Image below shows how to specify Xafari.Editors.Win.NumericPropertyEditors.XafaryBytePropertyEditor for the Byte property.


The edited value is checked against the MinValue and MaxValue limits. The spin supports changing the value at the configured steps (Increment), the number of allowed steps is calculated using the formula:  (MaxValue - MinValue)/Increment. If the editor operates in the default mode, and the number of allowed steps is less than 100, then the spin is always displayed automatically.  You can customize the behavior of the editor via the Model Editor in the Application|BOModel|Business-class|OwnMembers|Property node.

  • Increment
  • MaxValue
  • MinValue
  • The UseSpin property controls forced activation or deactivation of the spin.

The UseSpin property has three states: True, False, Default. If it’s True, then the spin is always active. If it’s False, then the spin is never active. The behavior with the Default value is described above.