Familiarization with the Docflow Document

How to start working with the Docflow document.

The Schema determines the processing of the Document (or a set of Documents) by the end users. The developer designs the Scheme in the Application Model.

The Docflow Document is a central object in the Docflow. It is a business object that supports the description and execution of the Schema. The end user has access to Documents via the respective List View. The displayed Documents can have different status, to display (or hide) it use special Actions. The Documents, for which all appointed Tasks have been completed, have the archive status. The Documents that have the "In Process" status are displayed by default. 



Creating a new Document

To create a new Document, click New Action. It is possible to use two scenarios to create a new Document:

  • Use the Wizard. The Wizard prompts you to select the Schema and set the start values of the input parameters.
  • The default Schema is specified in the Application Model. When using it, you only need to set the start values of the input parameters. An error message will appear if you fail to set the mandatory fields.




After the Wizard finishes, the new Document Detail View will be displayed.


The Current Stage property specifies the name of the current work stage. The Current State property specifies the Signature name and its state, for the Signatures, for which the state is determined.

The Schema is executed after saving the Document. The users can monitor the situation and perform the Tasks specified in the Schema via the Schema pane. The Schema pane control is implemented based on the Dock Panels technology.


The Schema pane is described in the following topic.