Docflow. Schema Panel

From the angle of user ergonomics, the Schema pane control is based on the Tabbed Detail Property Editor. The tabs provide access to various aspects of Document processing.


Displays the list of comments and notes. You can add note to any Document, Task, or another note.


Linked Documents

The list of child Documents, predefined in the Schema.



The Document execution plan.



Document Properties (Details). The user can only edit the Properties that are not calculable (IsCalculated=false) and are not ReadOnly. To edit properties, use the AutoForm or open the Property Object for editing.



Document Signatures



Information on progress of the Tasks. The Tasks are arranged in Task Groups. When designing the Schema, you can create parallel or sequential Task Groups. The Tasks tab displays all completed Tasks and assigned Tasks (current Tasks) that hold the Docflow.


The Tasks that require processing are shown separately in the ToDo list.


Current Tasks: the Task that can be executed by the user at the current moment.


The ToDo tab exposes a number of special Actions:

  • Execute Task: start the process of the user Task execution.
  • Succeeded Task: mark the Task as completed without the execution and go to the next Task, if there is any.
  • Choose Executor: assign the Task to another executor.
  • Anchor User: if Task is assigned to a user group, then one member of the group can reserve the Task for himself.
  • Create Task: create an additional Docflow Instruction or Signature.

For additional information about Tasks, refer to the User Tasks.