Docflow. Expressions

Xafari Docflow Expressions is a visual expressions designer that extends the functionality of the DevExpress Expressions designer to cover the Docflow requirements.


When you build an expression, you can refer to the Document Properties. The Document Properties are available via the Fields collection, its names begin with the 'Property' word. Then follows the dot character and the Document Property name. If the Document Property value is an object, then you can refer to the public properties of this object, e.g. [Property.Employee.Subdivision.Manager].

In addition, you can perform calculations with the Document Properties: [Property.SumIssued] - [Property.SumSpent]. Bear in mind that individual Tasks and Task Groups can have Local Properties. A Tasks (or Task Groups or a document can form the context for calculation of the expression. If a Task is the context, then the Xafari Docflow Expressions will use Local Properties of the Task. In general, if the expression uses a Document Property, then the value of the the nearest Local Property will be used for the calculation.