Docflow Node Components


The Documents node exposes Document items. Each Document item strictly corresponds to the Document type. The Document type is a Domain Component derived from the IDocflowSupport interface; it is specified by the ModelClassId property.


Каждый элемент этого узла (Document) содержит коллекцию Регламентов (Schemas) и предоставляет следующие свойства:

Each Document item provides access to the Schemas collection. The Document item exposes the following properties:

  • ChooseCurrentSchema: a boolean value indicating whether or not to choose Schema when creating an object (a Document instance).
  • DefaultSchema: specifies the Schema used by default.
  • DefaultSchemaExpression: specifies the expression that calculates the Schema name. The priority of this property is higher than the DefaultSchema.
  • ModelClassId: specifies the Document type (a IDocflowSupport descendant).
  • RemoveLinkedDocuments: a boolean value indicating whether or not to remove the linked document together with the current document.

Certain work documents that will participate in the Docflow, are determined by the Schema. The Schema, its elements and properties are described in the Shema topic.


The Participants node describes the predefined task executors. They will be created at the time of running the  application.

There are three types of task executors:

  • User
  • User group
  • Role

You can also set up the leader of the user group. The Leader is specified by the Manager property. Only a user can be the leader of the user group.


Schemas Repository

Данный узел применяется для описания наиболее часто используемых в регламентах работ и групп работ. Для описания шаблона  в репозитории создается узел SchemaRepositoryItem, который содержит в себе узлы DocumentLinks, Properties и Definition.

The SchemasRepository node is intended to store Tasks and Task Groups, that are commonly used in the Schemas. They are stored as templates. The SchemaRepositoryItem node is created in the repository to describe a Schema. The SchemaRepositoryItem contains the DocumentLinks node, Properties node, and Definition node.


The DocumentLinks node and the Properties node contain links to documents and Document Properties. The linked documents and Document Properties must be declared in the Schema that uses the template. When you add a template to the Schema, the links described in the template will be generated automatically. It will be made at the time of adding. The Definition node specifies the Task Group that will be created in Schema. This Task Group is described based on the same rules as the Task Group in the Schema.

The Schema elements and properties are described in the Shema topic. It also explains, how to add a template to the Schema from a repository.