XafariDatePropertyEditor and ASPxXafariDateTimePropertyEditor display DateTime type properties in the Win and ASP.NET XAF applications. The functionality of these Property Editors allows to enter dates in the edit box faster, without the use of the popup calendar.

Certain DateTime masks depend on the current culture settings. The culture determines the names of months, the symbol to use as the date separator, the short and long date patterns, etc. (See the MSDN: Date and Time Format Strings).


The date value can be set using the popup calendar, but it is easier to use the keyboard to enter multiple values quickly. In this case it is necessary to move the cursor from the current position to the next part of the date.


Normally, you can move the cursor to the next part of the date by pressing the spacebar, or by typing the date separator character, or pressing the right arrow key. It is a feature of the XafariDatePropertyEditor (ASPxXafariDateTimePropertyEditor) that the cursor moves to the next part of the date automatically as soon as the user completes the previous field. Then the value can be edited immediately.

ASPxXafariDateTimePropertyEditor included in the group of editors, that supports the Xafari Templates Storage technology.

To see the DatePropertyEditor in action, refer to the Editors| DateTimeProperties section in the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari.

Windows Forms:




To learn more about the XafariDatePropertyEditor (ASPxXafariDateTimePropertyEditor), refer to the following documents: