Data Versioning. End-User Capabilities

The Detail View, which displays business objects with Versioning, contains following Actions:

  • Save As New Version
  • Show History
  • Set Current Date

Windows Forms:


The following operations are accessible when working with business object with Versioning:

  • Creating a new business object.

After creating the next service properties are set automaticaly:

- VersionId – a new identifier is generated

- ActualFrom – the current time

- ActualDate – emply

- VersionChange – Add

- VersionUser – CurrentUserName()

  • The edit function is only available for the latest version.

After the object was changed, the changes can be saved to a new version. For this purpose use SaveAsNewVersion Action. For new version, service properties are set automaticaly. The previous version will moved to the archive.

  • Deleting the business object

The last version is marked as deleted and moves to the archive.

  • Viewing the list of versions (the history of changes)

After executing this action you will go to the History List View. It shown at the image below.



Here you can select the version. If you click the OK Action, then the Detail View with selected version of business object will be displayed.


The form title shows the period of actuality of the selected version.

  • Setting the current date for operations with versions

Current date is a global property which used used in calculated properties of business objects.