Context Help. Getting Started

In this lesson, you will learn how to allow the user to open linked pages of online documentation. Follow the steps described below.

  • Upload the online-documentation  to the web-site
  • Add module XafariModule to Module Project
  • Invoke the Model Editor. Navigate to the Options|Help node. HelpSite property specifies the website address. Set HelpSite property.
  • You can to assign a corresponding web-page to each individual View. There are two ways to do it:
  1. Assign individual web-pages to individual Views directly.
  2. Create the format string for generating the URL.
  • To specify the web-page directly, navigate to View item in the Views node. HelpPage property specifies the web-page address. Set HelpPage property. The image below demonstrates this.


The full URL will be generated using the HelpSite property. For example:


HelpPage: /product_page.html


  • To create the format string, navigate to the Views node. DefaultHelpPage property specifies the format string. This format string define, how to the URL for the current View will be generated. The format string notation must be in compliance with rules of XafariObjectFormatter. The image below demonstrates this.



  • HelpSite: ""
  • DefaultHelpPage: "/{0:Id}.html"
  • URL:  ""