How To Exclude Some Properties From Bulk Edit Control

By default, the Bulk Edit panel displays all properties of the business object. This topic describes how to restrict the set of displayed properties and specify the properties that should be excluded from the control. This will require further customize the Application Model.

For example, let's take a look at the ObjectFirst business objects of the Feature Center demo installed with Xafari. ObjectFirst class contains CommonString, CommonInt, CommonBool and CommonDateTime properties and they are all presented in the Mass edit panel. Image below shows ObjectFirst_ListView.



ObjectFirst class used in this topic is defined in the Xafari.FeatureCenter|DockPanelBulkEdit|ObjectFirst.cs file of the FC demo instaled with Xafari. By default, the Feature Center application is installed in %PUBLIC%\Documents\Xafari Framework vXX.X.XXXX Demos\FeatureCenter.

To not appear CommonInt property in the Mass edit grid, follow the steps described below.

Invoke the Model Editor and focus the BOModel|Xafari.FeatureCenter.DockPanelBulkEdit|ObjectFirst|OwnMembers|CommonInt node. Set the AllowEdit property to the False value, as shown in the image below.


Now the field is hidden in the Mass edit panel. But it also can not be edited on Views. It is necessary to ensure that the corresponding View items are available for editing.

In the Model Editor, navigate to the Views|Xafari.FeatureCenter.DockPanelBulkEdit|ObjectFirst_DetailView|Items|CommonInt node and check that AllowEdit property is True.


Configure another ObjectFirst's Views with accordance to your wishes.

Run application and check the changes. Invoke the ObjectFirst_ListView and see, that Mass edit grid don't appear the CommonInt property. At the same time, the behavior of this property in other forms has not changed.