Branches. Learn More

Table of content:

  • Branches Modules
  • Permission of Branch Data
  • Read Modes

Branches Modules

The composition of the Branches consists of the following modules (assemblies):

  • Xafari.BC.Branches
  • Xafari.BC.Branches.DC
  • Xafari.BC.Branches.XPO
  • Xafari.BC.Branches.Cfg
  • Xafari.BC.Branches.Win
  • Xafari.BC.Branches.Web

Permission of Branch Data

To set a correspondence between the User and Branch, the system creates an object that implements the IUserBranchItem interface. This interface declares Branch and Permission properties. Accordingly, each User type implements the IUserBranches interface, which contains a collection of IUserBranchItem elements.


There are two Permissions, it is «Read» and «Write».

The Read Permission provides the User with a viewing of Branches data and shared data. Prohibited operations are listed below:

  • create a new Branch object
  • remove existing Branch object
  • edit Branch data

Write Permissions allows to create, remove and edit Branch data.


Write Permissions are relevant only for the current Branch, i.e. which was specified when starting the application.

Read Modes

Read Mode option is relevant for users who will have access to several branches. There are two values: Available branches and Current branch.

  • Current branch mode: in this mode, the User sees only the objects of the Branch at which he is logged on, as well as shared data.
  • Available branches mode: in this mode, the User can see all the available Branches and shared data. If the User has Write Permissions to a specific Branch, then he or she can edit the data only if it is current Branch.